Kerry Madden-Lunsford’s Books

An empowering picture book set in the 1940s about a determined five-year-old girl who embarks on a journey to deliver milk to her neighbors in the holler.

March 2019

Film produced and edited by Jessica Chriesman | All music written and recorded by Tomi Lunsford | Sound by Norah Madden-Lunsford

A true story about the unlikely friendship of Alabama storyteller, Kathryn Tucker Windham and Alabama artist, Charlie Lucas. Illustrated by Kerry’s daughter, Lucy.

April 2013

Kerry Madden conducted extensive research for this Up Close biography, which reveals Lee to be a down-to-earth Southern woman who prefers to live simply, like her neighbors do, despite the fact that she is a treasured literary legend.

Viking 2009

12-year-old Livy Two Weems knows there’s a whole world to see beyond the North Carolina hills – which is the only place she’s ever been. But she also knows family is more important than daydreams.

Viking 2005 | Reprint March 2007

LOUISIANA’S SONG continues the saga of the Weems family – begun in the author’s acclaimed debut young adult novel GENTLES’ HOLLER – through storyteller, Livy Two Weems, one of ten sisters and brothers in a North Carolina holler.

Viking, May 2007

In the 3rd book featuring the Weems family, it’s slowly dawning on twelve-year-old Livy Two Weems that not every decision in life falls neatly into two categories of right and wrong – and the harder the decision is the blurrier the lines get.

Viking, February 2008

A companion title to School Smarts shows girls how to use words effectively in creative writing and in their schoolwork, with topics including how to find their voice, create characters, and tackle research papers.

March 2002

Liz Donnegal, the elder daughter of an assistant college football coach, moves to a new town each fall, where she makes new friends, falls in love, and learns some of life's lessons.

September 1996